Sunday, December 26, 2010

Each year I make something for my Mom and my MIL as their Christmas gift.  In fact, it is expected of me.  This year I made my Mom this wall-hanging.  It is made from and old window and I scrapbooked a page for each pane of the window.  Good thing I bought 2 of these windows so I can make one for myself now...LOL

 Pane 1 - My DD shooting Archery for 4-H

 Pane 2 - My DS shooting Archery for 4-H

 Pane 3 - Both kids with backpacks on the 1st day of school, the file folders have a personal message to my Mom from both kids.

 Pane 4 - Both kids in their Santa hats last Christmas, one of my favorite photos of them.

 Pane 5 - both kids singing at our 150th year celebration of our Church, my Mom loves for them to sing at Church.

 Pane 6 - My DH, DD, DS and myself at my nursing graduation.
I copied all photos in Black and White to go along with the old frame look and so I could use coordinating papers without having to worry about color in the photos clashing.  The only thing I did to the window was scrape as much of the paint off as I could and clean it up.  I'm not sure what else I need to do with it to preserve the photos.


  1. This is wonderful...Did you post the pictures on top of the glass pane or behind..If behind...I take it you add the file folders on top of the glass so your Mom could read them?